Organic vegetables on wood.Harvested vegetables. Rustic setting with pumpkins, peppers, tomatoes and lettuce
Pieces of beef tenderloin on the wooden cutting board.
Fruits and vegetables on rustic background
eggplants on wooden table of food truck

The Farmer in the Hive is your year-round go-to food truck for fresh, local and sustainably raised food in central Colorado. From melt in your mouth burgers, flavorful bison steak tacos to veggie-packed salads – we satisfy any craving.

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Stacia, owner of Farmer in the Hive, standing in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Hmm, our story…. well… in a nutshell… from burnt out old finance girl to happily, newly, classically, French trained chef that… for lack of better words… successfully re-grouped. Life is short. Figure it out… my passion… food and travel and bees… so… I built a boutique food truck to feed some people, travel, scuba, dive, create some jobs and help educate the masses on the plight of honey bees, Earth’s uber urban farmer. I promise to buy local and seasonal, but in Colorado that is not always reality year round. I do support local hydroponic indoor gardening and when I buy outside CO… I only shop from farms and growers that follow exceptional food, safety & sustainable farm management practices. Let our artisan chefs and culinary masters design and execute your next event or allow us to meal prep all or some of your family meals. We offer free local delivery. Just give us a call. A corporate event, party, wedding reception, birthday, anniversary or family reunion… any location… private mountain site, campground, park, national park… or in your drive way… the Farmer in the Hive will make it happen.

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